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Morag Macpherson in Berlin

Our Story


At Morag Macpherson Textiles and Wallpaper, we love being inspired by our surroundings and travels. Based on the High Street in Kirkcudbright, we are full of gratitude for nature's beauty, so abundantly present on a daily basis.

This Galloway region of South-west Scotland is an enclave for artists, and we delight in being a part of such rich artistic heritage, whilst remaining contemporary in our technique and approach. We also take influence from our travels and different cultures, with hybrids of multi-culturalism finding their natural home in our patchwork creations.


A combination of art, design, craft and digital technology make our luxurious and unique fabrics, wallpapers, accessories, wearable art and interior pieces a joy to create and appreciate.


Please allow us to extend a warm and hearty Scottish welcome to our world of pattern and colour.

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